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Everything you need to harness the power of mobile technology for a successful political campaign.

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The world's most powerful political campaign tool
Promote Policy Positions

Succinctly answer specific questions of interest to your constituents with user friendly PRO/CON/MIX position designations.

Recruit and Manage Staff and Volunteers

Easily mobilize your staff and volunteer workforce by allowing in-app registration and task assignments.

Push Notifications

Alert your audience to scheduled or on-the-fly campaign info direct on their smartphone. App need not be engaged.

Tag Geo Locations

Tie content to specific locations, from street addresses down to the latitude and longitude. Alert your audience within a specific location range.


Cost-effectively collect donations integrated with your PayPal account and build your fundraiser/donor database.

Custom Surveys

Invite your audience to talk to you. Get fast and valuable insights from your target audience with our easy-to-use survey creator.

Event Listings

Push all the relevant information for upcoming events to your audience. Add events to the default calendar app for the mobile device.

Text and Social Sharing

Your audience can help spread your message by forwarding in-app content via SMS Texting and Social Media Sharing.

Dedicated Backend CMS

Our robust Content Management System (CMS) enables you to easily add, edit and manage all the content that appears in your app.

Customizable Design

Visually match your App to your website and campaign material including use of custom logos, graphics, pictures and colors.

Hosting, Installation, Distribution

We handle all things technical, including hosting, initial installation, deployment to App Stores, maintenance and updates. Android and IOS compatible.

How It Works
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Customization and Installation

We set up your dedicated App environment and can even help you customize and input your information.

Distribute in the App Stores

Once initial customization is complete, we deploy your App in the App Stores for download.

Our annual plans come with premium onboarding, priority tech support, and a dedicated account manager to assist you with every detail. In the fast paced world of political campaigning CampaignGeo gives you an overwhelming bang-for-your-buck.

For example, at LEVEL ONE pricing, equivalent traditional spending could get you 2000 dual-sided yard signs, not including the added expense of shipping and storage plus an unknown distribution level. With the CampaignGeo App you get multiple and repeated touchpoints for up to 10K constituents, landing where it counts ... right in their pocket.

Turn your social media following into a powerful volunteer force, locally or throughout the nation. With the CampaignGeo App you can assign volunteer and staff tasks, call for flash support, push notifications, alerts, or instructions to specific voter populations, and tag geographic locations with information supporting your platform positions -- or the effects your opponents positions will have on the area.

And that's just for starters.

Imagine if you could immediately reach your core supporters and volunteers with information on, let's say ... an impromptu speech at the front entrance of the municipal train station. Sure, you could send an email, or post to twitter or facebook ... and yes, your followers will see it upon scrolling through their feeds or inboxes. But with the CampaignGeo App you can push alerts and notifications to anyone in the area right from your smartphone to theirs. "Meet me on the front steps of the Municipal train station. Handing out free Metro Cards. I'll be here until 4:15PM." That's immensely powerful control.

And that's not all. Our survey function is among the best on the market. Get real-time, specific and useful information about the needs, wants and desires of your supporter population. Find the nuances that can have a huge impact on a successful run-for-office. Maximize the information you have about the people whose lives you want to improve, and how you should improve them.

Now is the time to pay more attention to your hard-won supporters. The CampaignGeo App means connecting with your supporter network in ways that will increase the likelihood that they will be squarely in your corner come election day ... and long thereafter.

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